The Shwag is in the Bag

When attending a conference, the first question is: how good is the Shwag Bag?  The Non Conference Conference had a great shwag bag with items that were both useful and clever from a marketing perspective.  Thank you to all of our sponsors for participating!


To Reward Shwag Creativity (this is a marketing conference afterall) we have created the Shwag Awards – bringing you the best of the swag bag!!!!

Most Useful: Joseph-Beth Booksellers included a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase…  So head to Joseph Beth and be sure to stop by the restaurant (Bronte – awesome food – although not included in the coupon).

Most Relevant: White Castle included not only a coupon but also a car air freshener stick to help with the post-White Castle aroma.  Both useful and relevant.

Best Time-Killer: Platform A included a rubik’s cube to help kill time in between sessions.

Cleanest: Greenebaum Breakthrough Law provided pocket hand sanitizer spray…

Most stuff: Nokia included a bunch of stuff from branded life-savers to a guitar-shaped key chain bottle opener….

Greenest and Smartest: Frost Brown Todd Attorneys (yes, it came from lawyers) – See the photos below…. we’re all sick of carrying around random useless shwag.  Frost Brown Todd included a bookmark with a clever tag “Looking for another tchotchke?  Sorry…. Instead, we set up a group at to save the world.  Join us there.”.  WOW.  The back provides some entertaining potential alternative uses for the bookmark….



Krista Neher


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