Digital Technology Goes Beyond the Computer Screen, Way Beyond

chris-heile-hyperquake1Technology is changing the way we market and interact with consumers. To date, “interactive” generally = online. But as technologies like touchscreens and face recognition improve and their costs drop, interactive marketing can grow to become much more than just online.

Chris Heile, VP of Advertising at HyperQuake showed us some of the things that are cookin’ in the HyperQuake technology kitchen.

Consumers want to take the internet with them, and as a result, the internet is being consumed in smaller and smaller mediums – they even showed a bracelet that connects online. With the mobility of the net it is 1) shrinking and being viewed on smaller screens and 2) quality is being sacrificed for the sake of mobility.

With new technologies emerging at lower and lower costs it is easy for marketers to jump onto the latest trend, BUT there are some fundamental questions that need to be asked.

How can technology add value to the relationship?

Can it provide something of value beyond the product?

How can it engage consumers where they are?

Brand is how you connect to consumers. How do you reach them, but not violate them?

How do we marry the giant technology of the web with everything else? There are more products, new products and consumers have instant access to them. Consumers ask ‘what else can you do for me?

Create value beyond the product itself – status, access, content, insider information, rewards, exclusivity – and use technology to deliver these things.  The digital innovation discussion can also be found here.

OK, so what is HyperQuake cookin’? They showcased an interactive screen that they are building (yes, literally building – with screens and wood and saws) that consumers can interact with.

The concept: Top Shelf

The screen would be placed in a bar. From the screen you can look at pictures, order drinks, send requests to the DJ and interact with other tables. You can even share your photos or send drinks to other tables. The concept is pretty cool…. I’m not sure that it will ever result in a viable business model (they have not yet tried to sell it in to bards), BUT the concept and creativity are what really matter here not the specifics or viability of this particular use of it. There are probably a number of other uses for this type of technology – from airports to trade shows to shopping malls.

Digital and Interactive are no longer words reserved for the internet; they are expanding to include mediums far beyond. Finding smart ways to leverage these technologies can help brands interact in ways that were not previously possible.

Krista Neher


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