Are you READY?? ADDY® Awards Competition is more than an awards show. You might score.

The Cincinnati ADDY® Awards Competition is coming up on Saturday, February 7th, at Paul Brown Stadium @7pm and YOU should be there.  To help convince you, I’ll answer a few commonly asked questions.

Q: I’m not in the adclub, can I still go? Yes. You can register here.

Q: I don’t work in advertising, but I heard that ad people like to party, can I still go? Yes. You can register here.

Q: Aren’t awards shows boring? Generally yes.  But the Cincinnati ADDY’s are more than just an awards show. After the awards there will be games (cornhole, video games, carnival games, etc), food and alcohol to keep you entertained.  Think of it more as a party.

Q: What if I’m not expecting to win anything? Good news. You can still score.  The ADDY’s will feature games, drinks, music and prizes (for the games).  So, even if you aren’t there for the awards you can still score.  What more could you ask for?

Q: I watch MadMen and love it. Will you have people from the show there? No, but their modern day equivalents in Cincinnati will be there.  These include but are not limited to Judy Thompson a modern day Peggy Olson and Todd Jessee the modern Don Draper.   Also, you may be able to drink Manhattans and OldTimers.  So register here.

Q: I’m not sure if I’ll know a lot of people.  Will I feel like a loser? We can’t control how you will feel, but we are friendly people, and generally don’t bite.  This is a great event to come out and meet people in the industry and possibly make some new friends.  If nothing else I’ll be your friend (look for the girl taking pictures).

Seriously, the ADDY’s are the premier event in Cincinnati where we will recognize some of the most talented people in the ad industry.  But more than that, it is a great party with great people.

I spoke with Todd Jessee the organizer of the ADDY® Awards Competition.  The vision is for the ADDY’s to be more than a stuffy, boring awards show.  With what he has planned it promises to be anything but boring.

Come out and Score at the ADDY® Awards Competition.

– Krista Neher

Marketess Consulting


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