You Don’t get what you Pay For, You get what you Measure; Measuring Online Campaigns

jim-priceA power-panel from Empower Media Marketing presented about best practices in measuring online campaigns. The panel included:

Jim Price, VP Media Innovation

Mike Adams, Director of Digital Media

Tim Glover, Digital Media Manager

Michael Lamontagne, Digital Analytics and Search Strategist

Before You Start

The internet presents a plethora of ways to measure campaigns. One key thing to think about prior to selecting your measures is What are your objectives? Marketers often get caught up in some of the rich metrics that the web provides, but the real questions to ask are:

1. What are the marketing objectives of the campaign? and

2. What best measures those objectives?

For example, a branding campaign may not best be measured by clicks and a social media influencer campaign may not best be measured by number of impressions. Different measures are appropriate for different campaign objectives, and understanding the objectives is the starting point.

Gain alignment and approval on the metrics. Push to get the data that you need to measure success.  Three key takeaways:



The internet is a more agile advertising format; campaigns can be changed relatively easily versus traditional media and measurement data is often more robust and comes in quicker. When running online campaigns you need to check data and adjust regularly. In traditional media there is typically little room for trial and error. Online campaigns should use a “shotgun” approach and rely on trial and error to improve over time.

Run multivariant testing to assess what is most effective. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Test items such as:

A/B Splits

Test campaigns

Multiple creative or call to action

There is a “growing chasm between traditional agency approach and newer more fluid approach.”

The Challenge of Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming a new hotspot in online marketing, especially in measurement as it is one of the more difficult mediums to measure.

Online discussion is rampant. Do you know:

What online consumers are saying about you?

Where online consumers are talking?

How online consumer discussion affects you?

How to respond?

The Solution – Chatterwatch

Empower talked about a proprietary tool they created called chatterwatch. Chatterwatch allows them to see what people are talking about and propose actions. The idea is not just to watch social media but to develop actionable strategies. For example, if the same question is asked again and again on social media a company could run a search campaign around that question to get involved in the conversation upfront.

Jim Price, VP Media Innovation also talked about the need to bring social media campaigns back to strategy. “Everyone wants to start a facebook page”, and while there is no doubt in Facebook’s popularity, it may not necessarily be the right medium for your marketing objectives.

Bringing it all Together

The reality is that when measuring campaigns a holistic approach must be used to assess the impact of both online and offline mediums and how they interact with each other and generate synergies. Measurements need to be integrated.

The panel provided meaningful insights on measurement but left me wondering, if you aren’t a client of Empower and don’t have tools like Chatterwatch to measure your social media effectiveness, what do you use?

– Krista Neher


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