Why Digital “Non” Conference?

nonconferenceWhen the planning began for the Digital Hub Initiative’s very first event (Nov. 14-15, 2008 – http://digitalhub.adclubcincy.org/), the DHI Committee knewthis event would be the “first annual” and had to stand out from all the other digital do-ings around the world.

Why a non-Conference? Because this won’t be anything like traditional (think boring) conferences held in hotel ballrooms everywhere. Sure, it’s centered at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati (had to have sleeping rooms), but wait till you see the ballroom’s transformation! And event breakouts will take you to fun pubs in Cincinnati’s historic Fountain Square district. From Wii-ing to Twittering and Blogging and Pix posting, the Digital non-Conference will be making digital news far beyond the Queen City.


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