From the Start

A panel discussion hosted by AdClub Cincinnati in April of 2007 attracted more than 120 advertising/design professionals and educators to discuss Cincinnati’s potential as an international hub for digital advertising. It was at the urging of WonderGroup’s Chief Creative Officer Matt Fischer and Bridge Worldwide’s Executive Creative Director John Young that ADCLUB Program Chair Susan LaBonte initiated the meeting of the minds.

AdClub then-President Jack Streitmarter put it this way, “As the AdClub, we can bring everyone together on a topic like this. From traditional ad agencies to digital design studios and branding companies, plus companies like my own (Sound Images/Screaming Bob) that support the industry. AdClub also reaches out to all the area schools. So, we think we can begin to take steps that will drive fundamental change in the way the world sees Cincinnati’s creativity.”

Panel participants were:

  • Moderator John Young, Bridge Worldwide, a digital advertising pro lured to Cincinnati from Boston a few years ago after 20 years on the east coast.
  • Panelist Sarah Albrecht, Creative Director at WonderGroup, a Cincinnati native who honed her digital expertise in New York City before coming home.
  • Panelist and entrepreneur Chad Reynolds, CEO of HyperQUAKE, grad of UC’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP), who started the company known for its digital branding expertise.
  • Panelist Steve Kissing, who got his start at HSR Business to Business, a highly respected Cincinnati pioneer in interactive marketing, and was now Creative Director at Barefoot Advertising, the agency that took “Best of Show” honors at the Cincinnati ADDY Awards Show in February, 2007, with an interactive website. (Check it out:
  • Panelist Mike Zender, Associate Professor of UC’s DAAP School of Digital Design, who represented the academic side of the equation.

Discussion – well peppered with input from a lively AdClub audience – zeroed in on four topics: The first, Recruiting & Retaining Talent, led to a lively discussion around the need for a Convergence of Advertising and Digital Design and then to Concrete Ways for Measuring Interactive Success. In discussing Next Steps, ideas began to emerge for turning talk into action. (One of those actions would lead to the upcoming Digital Non-Conference, coming up Nov. 14-15 in Cincinnati.)

The complete April 18 discussion (broken into three podcast episodes) may be found at: Digital Hub podcasts.


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